Good Quality
Projects are built according to industry standards and we have the appropriate licenses and training. We stay up to date with new methods. Bringing you value is important. Are staff is trained accordingly. Quality for the investment you can afford.

Honest and trustworthy communication is key. Don’t hesitate to ever give us a call, no matter what the reason may be.

Delivering on our word is our foundation. Ask our current clients.

Building great Relationships
Building long lasting relationships is important even after the completion of projects.

Appropriate Insurances
Dico is a licensed company that holds insurances to protect the home owner and others. Our Employees are insured in order to satisfy a safe work environment and we hold liability insurances so that our clients can feel safe about their home and belongings.


DICO is a landscaping/ construction company that services Montreal and surrounding areas. Originally started as a lawn care mowing business, we have grown to provide other services in the asphalt area and the interlocking paver area. Our core values revolve around building great relationships with our clients even after work has been completed. Trust and reliability above all.


Commercial/ residential lawn maintenance. Asphalt paving, repairs and maintenance. Small scale paver patios, walkways, retaining walls etc. Plantations and other.


Entreprise DICO

8015 René-Descartes
Montreal, Quebec
H1E 3E2

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