1) Is the lowest price always the best:
No, As it has always been said. The lowest price isn’t always the greatest to ensure good quality. It is also highly recommended to compare details from one quote to another to make sure the same services are offered by all the contractors when getting a quote.

2) How many quotes should I get?
In general 3 quotes is ideal. However if you trust a contractor and have seen their work, it can be considered acceptable if you really want your work done by them. It is recommended to get referrals in both cases and see previous work completed.

3) Why is construction so expensive?
Construction materials are not cheap and machinery is needed in many cases in order to complete the project. Many factors can come into play.

4) How are prices calculated ?
In general, prices are calculated on the basis of square footage to begin with. However, other factors can come into play for pricing. E.g. type of materials used, specialized machinery needed, more excavation dept , access to the terrain etc.

5) Why does my contractor delay the date of starting my project?
Many things can delay contractors such as weather, time it takes to complete previous jobs, lack of employees, etc.

6) When my contractor initially came by for a quote, he verbally said he would do certain things, however now that he has started, it seems like he isn’t following up on what he said.
Unfortunately this is a common situation in the industry. Make sure to detail everything discussed and what is to be included in the quote before signing a contract.

7) Do I need a city permit?
Depending on the city, a permit is required when using street space for materials. In this case, the client is responsible for acquiring this permit at their cost.

8) I paid a big amount for the work done at my place and it seems like they did it so fast for the amount I paid?
Most quotes are given on a contract basis and not by hour. There is nothing wrong with completing a job quick, as long as no corners have been cut and quality has been respected. Some projects can be quicker then expected while others can take longer. Both possibilities exist.

Grass/Lawn Maintenance

1) How many times in general do contractors mow the lawn?
In general a hired contractor will pass once a week to mow the lawn unless stated or negotiated otherwise.

2) My neighbour’s grass is really green compared to mine and has no weeds. How come?
Your neighbour most likely hired a lawn treatment company to fertilize the lawn and apply chemicals in order to destroy bad weeds.

3) I just installed new grass, after how long can I cut it?
In general, one must wait 2 weeks before cutting the new lawn. During this 2 week period, the lawn must be watered everyday and it should be cut at the highest level your lawnmower can go once its ready to cut.

4) My grass looks like its been dug up and ruined.
Your lawn is most likely a victim of white grub, which makes animals such as skunks go digging into your lawn to find them. If this is the case, contact a specialized lawn treatment company to fix the situation before your lawn gets completely ruined and has to be replaced.

5) At how many inched should a lawn be mowed?
2.5-3 inches.


DICO is a landscaping/ construction company that services Montreal and surrounding areas. Originally started as a lawn care mowing business, we have grown to provide other services in the asphalt area and the interlocking paver area. Our core values revolve around building great relationships with our clients even after work has been completed. Trust and reliability above all.


Commercial/ residential lawn maintenance. Asphalt paving, repairs and maintenance. Small scale paver patios, walkways, retaining walls etc. Plantations and other.


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